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    059 Client Features

    Complete Features List

    Complete Command List

    This is the Official and Complete 059 Hacked Client Command List!

    Some commands take parameters, as denoted by the argument name wrapped in brackets.
    Don't include brackets when you use a command!

    /aig <enemy id>

    add enemy to ignore list

    /alpha <value>

    sets transparency level, 0.5 is default


    make other players transparent


    show autonexus percent

    /an <value>

    set autonexus percent, type /an 20 for 20% autonexus


    show autoheal percent

    /ah <value>

    set autoheal percent, type /ah 20 for 20% autoheal


    show auto hp pot percent

    /ap <value>

    set auto hp pot percent, type /ap 20 for 20% auto hp potion


    show auto mp pot percent

    /am <value>

    set auto mp pot percent, type /am 20 for 20% auto mp potion


    toggle rendering map backgrounds (sprite stars and nexus blue perlin noise island things)

    /bgfps <value>

    set background fps

    /con <server name>

    connect to server (/con usw, /con aus, etc)


    same as above if you have replace /con in options


    toggles ignoring of all constructs

    /copy <name>

    take the appearance of someone else


    toggle showing ClientStat packets, removed the option from Visual

    /fake <name>

    spawn a fake object at your location

    /fgfps <value>

    set foreground fps

    /follow <name> or /f <name>

    follows a name, type /follow or /f to stop


    shows current fame per minute


    resets fpm

    /fps <value>

    sets your fps


    toggle fullscreen

    /gkick <value>

    kicks someone from your guild

    /gmake <name>

    creates a guild

    /goto <ip>

    join server ip


    quits guild

    /grank <name> <rank>

    changes the rank of your guild member, rank is a number (0 = initiate, 10 = member, 20 = officer, 30 = leader)


    sends /tell mreyeball mates

    /hidepets or /pets

    hides pets


    reset ignore list to default


    current server ip


    show players with keys


    toggle the keylist


    show coordinates


    show coordinates but rounded to the nearest decimal point


    potions left to max

    /lockfilter or /lf

    hide nonlocked players

    /lid or /lootindefault

    reset autoloot inclusion list to default

    /lil or /lootinlist

    list all items in the inclusion list

    /lia or /lootinadd

    add item to inclusion list

    /lir or /lootinrem

    rem item to exclusion list

    /led or /lootexdefault

    reset autoloot exclusion list to default

    /lel or /lootexlist

    list all items in the exclusion list

    /lea or /lootexadd

    add item to exclusion list

    /ler or /lootexrem

    rem item from exclusion list


    load recording from text file


    playback recording


    record your movement


    save recording to text file


    stop recording

    /msc or /mscale <value>

    changes fullscreen's map scaling (default is 1.0)


    sends /tell mreyeball server


    reveals mystics in train


    go to nexus tutorial


    sends /tell mreyeball private profile

    /rig <enemy id>

    remove enemy from ignore list


    swap all items in inventory and backpack

    /sbthreshold <value>

    set spellbomb autoaim threshold (also in options)

    /scui or /scaleui

    toggle fullscreen's uiscale

    /setmsg<1-5> <message>

    sets a message to be saved, can be resent with the Custom Message 1-5 hotkeys in Options under World

    /sfadd <word>

    add word to spam filter


    clear spam filter


    reset spam filter to default


    list spam filter words

    /skulltargets <value>

    set skull autoaim minimum target amount

    /skullthrehsold <value>

    set skull autoaim threshold (also in options)

    /sound <name>

    play a custom sound or in game sound


    toggle automatic stacking of tokens


    KILLS YOU: disables autonexus and makes all shots spawn on you

    /timer <seconds> or <minutes:seconds>

    set a custom timer, like /timer 5:04 will set it to 5 minutes and 4 seconds

    /tooltip <item name>

    Typing /tooltip Demon Blade will show a tooltip of a dblade, for debugging purposes


    go to tutorial

    /uitextsize <value>

    change text size of custom timers/keylist


    toggle vault only mode


    show world # (for realm maps)

    /vol <value>

    set volume level, 0 being silent and 1 being maximum volume

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    With ❤️ by 059 and Kronks