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    Fix RotMG Language Error

    If you're attempting to play RotMG in Adobe Flash Projector for less lag, you may encounter a language error message when you open the client. Thankfully, this is an easy fix. This guide will show you how to fix the Realm of the Mad God language error (on hacked clients too!)

    Fix RotMG Load Error Retrying

    If you are wanting to play using a custom or hacked Realm of the Mad God client (such as Our Awesome Client), you may get an error that simply says "load error retrying...". This is the RotMG language error in disguise and can be fixed with the same steps below.

    Step-by-step Instructions


    Open Global Settings

    Attempt to open up your RotMG client and wait for the error, then, right click the client and open "Global Settings".


    Open Trusted Locations

    Click on the "Advanced" tab and click "Trusted Location Settings"


    Add New Location

    Click the "Add" button in the Trusted Location Settings.


    Enter In Location

    Type in "C:\" (without quotes) in the "Website Domain" box, then, click "Confirm".


    Ready To Play

    Click close on all the settings menus and close your game. Re-open your game and the errors will be gone! Enjoy!