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    Get Your RotMG Kongregate Credentials

    If you use Kongregate to play RotMG, you won't have a normal web account that you can use to play on the game's official website, or on custom/hacked clients. Follow the steps below to get find out how to get your Realm of the Mad God Kongregate credentials. That will let you login to your Kongregate account on our web client page, or on a flash projector. 

    This tutorial will be following the step by step guide on the Jakcodex Muledump page, you can follow ours or if you are technically proficient feel free to use that guide which can be found here: https://github.com/jakcodex/muledump/wiki/Kongregate-Users-Setup-Guide

    Use a Hacked Client with a Steam Account

    Once you get your Kongregate credentials from the steps below, you can use the GUID and SECRET to play on Our Hacked Client.

    Step-by-step Instructions


    Navigate to the Kongregate RotMG page

    First, click here to be taken to the Realm of the Mad God game page on Kongregate:


    Open your Browser's Console

    Right click anywhere on the page and click on the Inspect option:

    Then, click on the Console tab:


    Paste the Code into the Console

    Copy this block of text:

    document.location.href = 'http://' + 'realmofthemadgodhrd.appspot.com/kongregate/getcredentials?' + jQuery.param({ userId: active_user.id(), gameAuthToken: active_user.gameAuthToken()})

    Then paste it into the console and press enter:


    Find your Credentials

    It will take you to a new page containing your credentials:

    The exact letters/numbers will be different for you but they will look similar.
    As shown in the picture, copy the kongregate:41817914 part between the GUID tags, and copy the longer text in between the Secret tags. You will be using those in the next step. Do not include the > or </ parts.

    It is very important that you do not send these details to anyone, as they could login to your account with them.


    Open RotMG and sign in

    Launch our client through the web: https://realmstock.com/pages/client

    Or if you run it through a flash projector, open it now.

    Then click login on the top right, and use the details acquired in step 5 here:

    GUID goes in the Email field, Secret goes in the Secret field, and leave Password empty.

    Now you're done! Play the game and enjoy!

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    With ❤️ by 059 and Kronks