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    Features By Category

    Visual Fame Passive Miscellaneous

    Complete Feature List

    This is the Official and Complete 059 Legit Client Feature List!
    If you have any suggestions or issues with the client feel free to let us know via email.


    Low CPU Mode

    Hotkey or /lowcpu

    Disables rendering of a lot of non critical visuals, so you only see your own player, your own shots, and enemies and their shots.

    Screenshot Mode


    Disables all visual hacks, and returns the UI to how the clean client looks. This allows you to take a screenshot without any hacks shown. Note, this still is not safe for when you're recording footage, stuff like autoaim will still function.

    Fullscreen Hack

    /fs or Options

    Expands the game's viewport so you can see further. Use /mscale to change the scale of the game, /mscale 0.5 makes everything 50% smaller, /mscale 2 makes things zoomed in 2x. Use /scaleui to toggle making the UI scaled or remain unscaled.

    Make Other Players Transparent

    /ao or Options

    Makes other players transparent and hides their names and status buffs. This reduces a ton of visual clutter when in crowded boss areas.

    Hide Pets & Nonlocked Players

    /pets or /lf or Options

    Hides pets and non locked players completely.

    Show Dealt %

    Toggled in Options

    Shows the % of damage you've dealt to enemies underneath them.

    Loot Preview

    Toggled in Options

    Shows contents above loot bags,

    Phase Timers

    Toggled in Options

    Shows time left for boss phases. This has become less effective with Colossus boss in Lost Halls having HP based phases instead of time based, previously.

    Disable Shot Rotation

    Toggled in Options

    Makes rotating shots not rotate, which helps FPS.

    Show Highest DPS

    Toggled in Options

    Shows above enemies which weapon in your inventory is the highest DPS weapon for that enemy.


    Fame Bonuses (orange)

    Toggled in Options

    These disable things which would make you lose fame bonuses, such as killing cubes, using your ability, drinking potions, and teleporting.


    Reduced Map Load Time


    Reduces the 2 second delay when loading new maps down to 250 milliseconds.

    Various Performance Optimizations


    A lot of inefficiencies in the client's code have been optimized (unnecessary calculations removed, slow functions replaced with faster alternatives, worst memory leaks fixed).

    Locked Portals Blocked


    When using the Enter Portal hotkey on locked portals like Wine Cellar portal, Lost Halls Void portal, and Lost Halls Cultist portal, it won't try to enter them unless they're opened. So you can hold the enter portal key on top of them without it entering and sending you to the realm (in the case of Locked Wine Cellar portal), and will enter you to the proper place once it's actually open.


    Instant Nexus

    Toggled in Options

    Normally, when you press the nexus key, the client requests for nexus information from the server. Once the server sends that back, then the client connects to nexus. This hack bypasses that entirely and connects you directly and immediately to the nexus. This allows for safer autonexus. Only turn this off if you want compatibility with some 3rd party proxies such as Zautonexus.

    Minimap Right Click

    Set in Options

    Makes Right Clicking the Minimap have a special function, such as using your ability, walking to your current quest, or rotating your camera, instead of doing nothing.

    Event Notifications

    Toggled in Options

    Plays a sound when events such as Grand Sphinx spawn. Toggleable and customizable in settings.

    Custom sound effects

    Toggled in Sound Options

    Plays sound effects for unique things in game, such as players opening dungeons, or event rooms opening. These are either all on, or none on.

    Minimap Right Click Teleport

    Always on

    Players can be teleported to on the minimap by right clicking their dot.

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