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    Oryx 3 & Bard on 059 Flash Client

    Oryx 3 has been added to Realm of the Mad God. With the Unity Client being Deca's main focus for the game going forward, they have discontinued support for their flash client. This means you cannot play Bard or fight Oryx 3 on Deca's Flash Client.

    That's where RealmStock comes in - with our 059 Flash Client, you can play Bard and fight Oryx 3 fully. We are comitted to keeping it up to date with the latest game content.

    Step-by-step Instructions


    Open Client Settings

    Go into the nexus with our 059 Client, and open the Settings by pressing "O" or pressing the settings button.


    Find the Setting

    Navigate to the "Other" tab to find the settings we are looking for.


    Turn on Exalt Mode

    Enable "Exalt Mode".
    This will make the RotMG Server think you are playing on Exalt!
    Please take note of the warnings!



    You can now Fight Oryx 3 and play the Bard Class!
    Please understand that you are using Exalt Mode at your own risk!

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    With ❤️ by 059 and Kronks