1x Staff of Horrific Knowledge

1x Staff of Horrific Knowledge

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It seems to dispense special runes upon use. Perhaps…some things are better left unknown.

Tier: Untiered (Limited/T11) 
Shots: 2 
Damage: 55-100 (Average: 77.5) 
Projectile Speed: 18 
Lifetime: 0.475 seconds 
Range: 8.55 
Amplitude: 0.5 
Frequency: 2 
Fame Bonus: 3% 
Feed Power: 310

This item is reskin of the T11 staff, the Staff of Astral Knowledge and was obtainable during Halloween 2014 from the Alchemist, Mystery Box Shop, trading with other players, or dropped from the Zombie Horde event or any enemy that drops T11 weapons.