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8x Bronze Mystery Pack

8x Bronze Mystery Pack

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  • Includes 8 random prizes.
  • Prizes can be chosen multiple times.
  • Average results are worth more than price paid.
  • This is for non-seasonal characters only!

RARE Prizes with: 1/200 chance
  • 16x Ring of Decades

Prizes with: 1/56 chance
  • 1x Acropolis Armor
  • 1x Advent Seal
  • 1x Baneserpent Poison
  • 1x Bloodsucker Skull
  • 1x Book of Geb
  • 1x Bow of Covert Havens
  • 1x Cloak of Ghostly Concealment
  • 1x Cloak of Winter
  • 1x Coalbearing Quiver
  • 1x Colossus Shield
  • 1x Dagger of Foul Malevolence
  • 1x Doom Circle
  • 1x Elemental Detonation Spell
  • 1x Geb's Ring of Wisdom
  • 1x Giantcatcher Trap
  • 1x Greedsnatcher Trap
  • 1x Helm of the Great General
  • 1x Holly Poison
  • 1x Hydra Skin Armor
  • 1x Ilex Star
  • 1x Legacy Forgotten Ring
  • 1x Legacy Ghastly Drape
  • 1x Legacy Mantle of Skuld
  • 1x Legacy Ring of Pure Wishes
  • 1x Legacy Robe of Twilight
  • 1x Legacy Seal of the Enchanted Forest
  • 1x Legacy Sentient Staff
  • 1x Legacy Spectral Ring of Horrors
  • 1x Masamune
  • 1x Nativity Tome
  • 1x Ornamental Prism
  • 1x Pathfinder's Helm
  • 1x Planefetter Orb
  • 1x Prism of Apparitions
  • 1x Quiver of Elvish Mastery
  • 1x Resounding Shield
  • 1x Ring of the Covetous Heart
  • 1x Ring of Unbound Health
  • 1x Robe of the Grand Sorcerer
  • 1x Robe of the Summer Solstice
  • 1x Royal Wakizashi
  • 1x Scepter of Sainthood
  • 1x Scepter of Storms
  • 1x Seal of the Blessed Champion
  • 1x Skull of Krampus
  • 1x Snowbound Orb
  • 1x Soul of the Bearer
  • 1x Staff of the Cosmic Whole
  • 1x Staff of the Rising Sun
  • 1x Sword of Acclaim
  • 1x The Phylactery
  • 1x Thousand Suns Spell
  • 1x Tome of Holy Guidance
  • 1x Vigil Spell
  • 1x Wand of Geb
  • 1x Wand of Recompense
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