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8x Gold Mystery Pack

8x Gold Mystery Pack

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  • Includes 8 random prizes.
  • Prizes can be chosen multiple times.
  • Average results are worth more than price paid.
  • This is for non-seasonal characters only!

RARE Prizes with: 1/200 chance
  • 48x Ring of Decades

Prizes with: 1/48 chance
  • 1x Agent Skin
  • 1x Almandine Armor of Anger
  • 1x Artemis Skin
  • 1x Ascended Sorcerer Skin
  • 1x B.B. Wolf Skin
  • 1x Bashing Bride Skin
  • 1x Book of Geb
  • 1x Brigand Skin
  • 1x Dark Elf Huntress Skin
  • 1x Deadly Vixen Skin
  • 1x Death Skin
  • 1x Demon Spawn Skin
  • 1x Drow Trickster Skin
  • 1x Eligible Bachelor Skin
  • 1x Frankensteins Monster Skin
  • 1x Ghost Huntress Skin
  • 1x Holy Avenger Skin
  • 1x Hunchback Skin
  • 1x Huntsman Skin
  • 1x Jack the Ripper Skin
  • 1x King Knifeula Skin
  • 1x Legacy Ancient Spell Pierce
  • 1x Legacy Etherite Dagger
  • 1x Legacy Fairy Plate
  • 1x Legacy Pixie-Enchanted Sword
  • 1x Lil Red Skin
  • 1x Little Helper Skin
  • 1x Mischievous Imp Skin
  • 1x Nexus no Miko Skin
  • 1x Platinum Knight Skin
  • 1x Platinum Rogue Skin
  • 1x Platinum Warrior Skin
  • 1x Poltergeist Skin
  • 1x Ranger Skin
  • 1x Ring of Decades
  • 1x Scarlett Skin
  • 1x Shendyt of Geb
  • 1x Shoveguy Skin
  • 1x Skeleton Warrior Skin
  • 1x Soulless Robe
  • 1x Staff of the Rising Sun
  • 1x Stanley the Spring Bunny Skin
  • 1x Tiny Avatar Skin
  • 1x Vampire Hunter Skin
  • 1x Vampiress Skin
  • 1x Witch Doctor Skin
  • 1x Witch Skin
  • 1x Zombie Nurse Skin
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