RotMG Maxing Guide

RotMG Maxing Guide

How to Get Max Stats in Realm of the Mad God

Maxing Stats

When a character reaches level 20, the next step is to start maxing out its eight stats to aid in survival and dealing damage. This page is a guide to how Stat Increase Potions can be acquired. (Get them from our store if you don't have the time!)

Stat Increase Potions each increase your stat by 1 with the exception of Life and Mana, which increase by 5. This page explains how your stats affect your character.

How to max

There are multiple methods of maxing a character. Note that all can be simplified by buying potions directly at RealmStock. That's the easiest way to get potions in RotMG. With RealmStock you can max any character instantly, regardless of stats.

If you want to be safe and not risk the death of your main character dying, make a secondary account (or purchase another character slot) and use it to obtain potions and equipment for your main character. As the secondary account will remain unmaxed, there is very little loss involved upon death besides the equipment. Thus, the process can be easily repeated until you are maxed.

Godlands farming is relatively safe, but yields low rewards given the fairly low drop rate of potions. ATT, DEF, and SPD can all be acquired this way, but not reliably.

Dungeon farming can be more dangerous, but is more reliable given that most bosses have a 100% drop rate of a particular potion; the trick is getting enough damage in. Sprite Worlds give DEX mainly and DEF at a low rate (and ATT, thanks to the Native Sprite Gods), Snake Pits give SPD, and Undead Lairs give WIS; all can be found and soloed fairly easily.

Other dungeons yield multiple potion drops such as the Magic Woods for DEX and SPD, Cursed Library, for VIT and WIS, and Abyss of Demons for VIT and DEF, but are usually more difficult. Selling these potions for other potions you need to max is a well-used strategy.

Maxing order

The question of what order to max in is common, and rightly so, as it is very important for survival! There is no correct order for maxing, and it varies by class.

  • Dexterity is easy to get given the common and easy nature of the Sprite World and Magic Woods. This stat helps with DPS, and should be maxed early on. This may be more difficult for certain classes with higher caps.
  • Speed drops in Snake Pits and Haunted Cemeteries. The former drops commonly within the godlands, dropped by Medusa, while the latter is rarely found inside the godlands, dropped by Headless Horseman. This stat is crucial for dodging bullets in tougher dungeons.
  • Wisdom is easily farmable in Undead Lairs, Cursed Libraries, and Mad Labs, but may take some time depending on the class’s cap.
  • Defense is the most crucial stat. It is commonly found in Toxic Sewers, Abyss of Demons, Mad Lab, and occasionally in other areas.
  • Vitality can be acquired in the Abyss of Demons. The dungeon is very difficult for certain classes. Alternatively, one can run Cursed Libraries since both bosses drop Vitality and is much faster to run.
  • Attack is infamously difficult to acquire. The Manor of the Immortals and the Puppet Master’s Theatre drop it consistently, but the Kage Kami that drop the former only appear a few times per realm, and the latter is a rare drop and difficult, but yields more from good treasure room spawn rates. Native Sprite Gods in the Sprite Worlds, and White Demons of the Abyss may make the stat easier to max.
  • Mana and Life tend to max over a long period of time, giving their difficulty to acquire. Selling spare equipment and potions for often expensive life and mana is a good strategy, especially for those who don’t want to run Tombs or Trenches to get the potions themselves. The Parasite Chambers is a great source of mana potions, and while it is dangerous, Oryx’s Sanctuary can net players large amounts of Life and Mana Potions if you are able to survive the Sanctuary and defeat its bosses.


The above list is in order how how easy these potions are to get (and thus how common they are). One of the more popular orders in which to max stats is:
(These can be maxed at the same time or in any order).
All of these stats can be maxed instantly, it's your choice. Our maxing service can make your life easier by removing the grind for potions.
Information sourced from RealmEye.
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