Trade Your Giftcards

How can I trade my Giftcards to RealmStock? (Target, Steam, Amazon, etc)

We accept many types of unused giftcards! Please use our Giftcard Trade-In Form.

How long does it take to get my credit?

We will manually credit you to your email within 24 hours!

How does RealmStock Credit work?

Credit given for giftcards comes in the form of a gift code. It does not expire, and it can be used until it runs out.

Can RealmStock Giftcards be used with other payment methods?

Our Giftcards can be combined with any other payment method or giftcard.

Can I trade in other types of Gift Cards?

In some cases we may be able to redeem other types of cards. Let our support team know if you have some.

How do I trade in CS:GO Keys & Items?

We accept CS:GO Keys & Items worth over $1 on the Steam Market for 100% value. Send us a trade 📩 HERE 📩 then send us an email with your profile information.

How do I trade in OSRS GP & Items?

Arrange a time to meet in-game with our support team if you are interested!

Amazon (U.S. Only)
Target (U.S. Only)
Walmart (U.S. Only)
BattleNet (U.S. Only)
Google Play (U.S. Only)
Subway (U.S. Only)
Apple / iTunes (U.S. Only)
CSGO Items

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  • Instant delivery 24/7

    Our orders are automatically sent out around the clock if there is no manual review needed.

  • Sell us your giftcards

    Send us your giftcard codes and we will send you a RealmStock Store Credit Code.