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Exalt MultiTool

FREE Client & MultiLogin for RotMG Exalt
Windows Only, Steam Compatible
By RealmStock

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➜ Virus Scan Results
Release v0.102.0
  • Updated for
  • Added setting to disable launch popup

Release v0.101.0
  • Updated for

Release v0.100.0
  • Updated for
  • Fixed issue with clients indefinitely loading when connecting at the same time

Release v0.99.4
  • Added low AutoNexus % warning
  • Fixed AutoLoot when Loot HP Pots was disabled
  • Fixed AutoLoot bag quests
  • Fixed DC when unlocking skins
  • Fixed token issues

Release v0.99.3
  • Fixed issues with Anchor Hotkey

Release v0.99.2
  • Added Teleport to Anchor Hotkey

Release v0.99.1
  • Updated AutoAim
  • Fixed AutoNexus spamming nexused message

Release v0.99.0
  • Updated for
  • AutoAim disabled temporarily
  • Fixed issue with abnormal Exalt path

Release v0.98.2
  • Prevented party system from leaving proxy server

Release v0.98.1
  • Fixed Experimental Token Fix setting - it is now functional (only enable this if you get "Token for different machine" error)

Release v0.98.0
  • Improved versioning system, minor updates (0.0.X) will not be forced updates but will notify you if available
  • Fixed AutoNexus sending you back in queue in a full server

Release v0.97.1
  • Updated AutoAim

Release v0.97.0
  • Updated for
  • AutoAim disabled temporarily

Release v0.96.1
  • Updated AutoAim

Release v0.96.0
  • Updated for - Realm Rework Update
  • AutoAim disabled temporarily

Release v0.95.0
  • Updated for

Release v0.94
  • Updated for

Re-Release v0.93
  • Fixed digital signature issues causing failed downloads or missing Proxy Server.

Release v0.93
  • Updated for

Release v0.92
  • Updated for
  • Fixed Unity crash on Exalt Launcher launch
  • Fixed token for different machine bug
  • (Made token fix optional if you are experiencing issues)

Release v0.91
  • Updated Autoaim

Release v0.90
  • Updated for (deca did not change version number)

Release v0.89
  • Fixed Autoaim
  • Fixed Autoaim keeping you in the shooting animation
  • Added Hotkey to Reset Client HP (first entry in hotkey list)

Release v0.87
  • Updated for

Release v0.86
  • Updated for
  • Autoaim disabled temporarily

Release v0.85
  • Updated for
  • Updated Autoaim

Release v0.84
  • Updated Autoaim

Release v0.83
  • Updated for

Release v0.82
  • Fixed AutoAim

Release v0.81
  • Updated for

Release v0.80
  • Removed Tutorial Skip (no longer works)
  • Added option to disable hotkeys (use if you get input lag)

Release v0.80
  • Fixed AutoAim

Release v0.79
  • Updated for

Release v0.78
  • Fixed AutoAim

Release v0.77
  • Updated for

Release v0.76
  • Fixed AutoAim

Release v0.75
  • Updated for (deca did not change version number)

Release v0.74
  • Fixed backpacks

Release v0.73
  • Updated for

Release v0.72
  • Fixed AutoAim

Release v0.70
  • Fixed remaining known issues with launcher

Release v0.69
  • Fixed issues with launcher

Release v0.68
  • Updated for

Release v0.67
  • Updated for
  • Fixed Auto Aiming when disabled

Release v0.66
  • Updated for

Release v0.65
  • Updated for
  • Added option for hiding your own pet
  • Fixed Auto Ability for Rage Claws
  • Fixed Cult Staff not shooting when disabled

Release v0.64
  • Updated for (deca did not change version number)

Release v0.62
  • Changed /con to /join - DECA made the game close when typing /con
  • Reworked GUI and server joining
  • Fixed Exalt sometimes not working if Multitool was closed

Release v0.61
  • Updated for (deca did not change version number)

Release v0.60
  • Updated for
  • Fixed /an disconnecting you

Release v0.59
  • Updated for
  • Added note for accelerating projectile weapons - autoaim currently does not work with them
  • Added option for Mystic statis to target enemies
  • Fixed AutoAbility for Primal Arcana
  • Fixed AutoAbility for Wavecrest Katana
  • Fixed AutoAbility for Orb of Aether
  • Fixed AutoAbility for Bard

Release v0.58
  • Updated for
  • Improved Realm map revealing reliability
  • Fixed AutoAim for Toxic Toad
  • Fixed DC with Tezutsu Hanabi (disabled auto ability for it)
  • Fixed MultiLogin deleting the wrong account

Release v0.57
  • Updated for
  • Fixed Map in Nexus
  • Prevented /goto from connecting to invalid IPs

Release v0.56
  • Updated for
  • Added /stats command
  • Fixed account removal from multi login

Release v0.55
  • Updated for (deca did not change version number)
  • Reworked MultiLogin UI
  • Fixed Anti AFK exception
  • Made Priest heal require no sick

Release v0.54
  • Updated for

Release v0.53
  • Improved Exalt Hook Reliablity
  • This will help with missing Proxy Server

Release v0.52
  • Updated for (deca did not change version number)

Release v0.51
  • Updated for (deca did not change version number)
  • Removed O3 Helper

Release v0.50
  • Fixed AutoAim bug with AutoFire

Release v0.49a
  • Updated for (deca did not change version number)
  • Known bug: AutoFire takes precedence over AutoAim, we are working on fixing it

Release v0.48
  • Updated for
  • Optimized some networking
  • Added Summoner Auto Ability (keeps 3 summoned)
  • Renamed Stealth Mode to better describe it

Release v0.47
  • Updated for
  • Added warning for MSI Afterburner
  • Added warning for Registry Issues

Release v0.46
  • Updated for
  • Added Purple Glow option

Release v0.45
  • Added Beta Test of Hotkey System
  • Added Warnings for Settings Reset
  • Fixed Black Screen in Dungeons (Shatters + Moonlight Village)
  • Fixed MP Auto Pot
  • Fixed DC on Death

Release v0.44
  • Updated for
  • We are aware of bugs with Moonlight Village and are working on it
  • Added warning for when settings would be reset

Release v0.43c
  • Fixed AutoAim settings issues

Release v0.43
  • Added AutoAim 🙂
  • Options for it are now in the Multitool Hacks menu
  • Hotkeys are coming soon
  • Contact us if you have startup crashes

Release v0.42
  • Removed AutoAim UI, it is still WIP, accidentally released UI early

Release v0.41
  • Updated for

Release v0.40
  • Updated for

Release v0.39
  • Updated for
  • Fixed DC issue with deaths

Release v0.38
  • Updated for
  • Removed server dungeon name support

Release v0.37
  • Updated for

Release v0.36
  • Added compatibility for new server names, type /servers to see a list of abbreviations for /con usage

Release v0.35
  • Updated for
  • Fixed rare auto ability at 0 mana bug

Release v0.34
  • Fixed loading issue with melonloader

Release v0.33i
  • Updated for
  • Fixed autoloot quickslot stack amounts for items with custom stack limits

Release v0.33h
  • Updated for
  • Prevented autoability from using abilities that directly shoot projectiles

Release v0.33g
  • Updated for
  • Fixed issue with autolooting HP/MP potions

Release v0.33f
  • Updated for
  • Added option to bypass queue with 30 second grace period
  • Fixed issue with some abilities with auto ability

Release v0.33d
  • Fixed issue with nearby player list, and visibility of dungeon mods
  • Made Orb of Conflict aim at enemies

Release v0.33c
  • Updated for
  • Removed AutoAim, too many issues

Release v0.33b
  • Fixed AutoAim installation issues

Release v0.33a
  • Minor AutoAim optimizations
  • Fixed empty nearby players list

Release v0.33
  • Added AutoAim
  • Reworked networking, possibly fixed blackscreen

Release v0.32g
  • Update for

Release v0.32f
  • Fixed minor dc issue

Release v0.32e
  • Update for
  • Removed warning for multiple clients

Release v0.32d
  • Fixed minor dc issue

Release v0.32c
  • Updated for

Release v0.32b
  • Updated for

Release v0.31b
  • Fixed infinite loading

Release v0.31a
  • Improved launch reliability
  • Added logging for disconnect issue

Release v0.30k
  • Updated for
  • Fixed infinite loading bug

Release v0.30k
  • Updated for

Release v0.30j
  • Updated for
  • Made /ip not printed when stealthmode enabled
  • Added aim support for Thunderous Chorus ability
  • Added warning for launching two clients at once

Release v0.30i
  • Fixed issues with Exalt path locations

Release v0.30h
  • Updated for
  • Fixed Aoe AutoAbility minimum enemies not being able to target 1 enemy

Release v0.30g
  • Updated for
  • Made autonexus work with all drowning maps

Release v0.30f
  • Updated for
  • Changed Penetrating Blast offset to 2 tiles
  • Fixed large vaults breaking sometimes

Release v0.30e
  • Removed need for Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes

Release v0.30d
  • Add Microsoft Visual C++ missing warning message
  • Add support for custom Documents location

Release v0.30a/b/c
  • Fixes for new injection system during start and multilogin

Release v0.30
  • Updated for
  • Added optional random offset for Penetrating Blast Spell
  • Reworked injection system
  • Fixed Proxy Server not showing up for some people
  • Note: No Autoaim available while it is under development
  • Note: Reverse Cult Staff will not be available either

Release v0.27k
  • Updated for
  • Added autoloot option for looting any healing items
  • Added custom ability delay
  • Temporarily disabled in game cheat options due to update

Release v0.27j
  • Updated for

Release v0.27i
  • Improved Multi Login, restored the ability to open multiple clients

Release v0.27h
  • Fixed Reverse Cult Staff
  • Added RealmStock links

Release v0.27g
  • Updated for

Release v0.27f
  • Updated for
  • Added option to fully disable auto HP/MP pot drinking
  • Fixed multilogin compatibility for new captchas

Release v0.27e
  • Fixed Map Hack

Release v0.27d
  • Disabled Map Hack to temporarily fix Nexus issues

Release v0.27c
  • Updated for
  • Added Auto Drink MP
  • Changed Increment of Autonexus to 1

Release v0.27b
  • Fixed shooting at invisible (invincible) enemies
  • Fixed auto ability dc when swapping abilities

Release v0.27a
  • Updated
  • Disabled Custom Nexus Appearance when in Vault
  • Added toggle to keep shooting at invulnerable targets

Release v0.26ah
  • Disabled Autoloot while Kensei Dash buff active to prevent Deca DC

Release v0.26ag
  • Updated for

Release v0.26af
  • Fixed Disconnects

Release v0.26ae
  • Fixed Maphack

Release v0.26ad
  • Updated for

Release v0.26ac
  • Fixed debuff ignoring not respecting settings

Release v0.26ab
  • Fixed debuffs being incorrectly removed if ignored after taking a status inflicting projectile (stun on teleport, slow towers, etc)

Release v0.26aa
  • Updated for

Release v0.26z
  • Updated for

Release v0.26y
  • Updated for
  • Added more logging to help fix the Shatters black screen issue

Release v0.26x
  • Updated for (same version number, new update)

Release v0.26w
  • Fixed Maphack in Nexus

Release v0.26v
  • Updated for
  • Warning, O3 helper might not work

Release v0.26u
  • Fixed DC with key upgrading
  • Added legit auto aim mode

Release v0.26t
  • Updated for

Rerelease v0.26s
  • Fixed false positive virus detections

Release v0.26s
  • Updated for

Release v0.26r
  • Updated for (new deca update, no changes)

Release v0.26q
  • Updated for

Release v0.26p
  • Updated for

Release v0.26o
  • Updated for

Release v0.26n
  • Fixed /tpq

Release v0.26m
  • Fix dc with teleporting

Release v0.26l
  • Updated for
  • /con shortcut for Australia is now /con au, Asia is /con a

Release v0.26k
  • Tentative AutoNexus Fix

Release v0.26j
  • Updated for
  • Fixed AutoAim

Release v0.26i
  • Added AutoAim disabled message (fix soon)

Release v0.26h
  • Fixed DC issue from previous version

Release v0.26g
  • Updated for
  • Temporarily disabled autoaim, will be back soon!

Release v0.26f
  • Updated for

Release v0.26e
  • Updated for
  • Changed Autonexus setting increment to 1% per

Release v0.26d
  • Added outdated check on client launches
  • Minor project improvement

Release v0.26d
  • Fixed connection bug for certain accounts

Release v0.26c
  • Updated for

Release v0.26b
  • Updated for

Release v0.26a
  • Updated for

Release v0.26
  • Updated for
  • Added Lute and Mace to Ability AutoLoot
  • Added Tutorial Bypass in Tools Options

Release v0.25n
  • Updated for

Release v0.25m
  • Fixed potion desync after drinking
  • Fixed issue with large vaults

Release v0.25l
  • Fixed autonexus issues with previous update

Release v0.25k
  • Updated for
  • Added total players online counter

Release v0.25j
  • Optimized launch time
  • Fixed launch issue again

Release v0.25i
  • Added toggle auto ability hotkey
  • Fixed launch issue for certain people

Release v0.25h
  • Fixed launch issue

Release v0.25g
  • Fixed dc with potion autoloot

Release v0.25f
  • Fixed Steam multilogin
  • Fixed potion slot desync with dropping items
  • Fixed auto drink MP after quiet description
  • Readded autolooting hp and mp potions to empty slots
  • Updated Vault maphack

Release v0.25d
  • Fixed special characters in multi login
  • Improved logging performance

Release v0.25c
  • Updated for
  • Fully fixed Invalid Token with MultiLogin

Release v0.25b
  • Updated for

Release v0.25a
  • Improved startup time
  • Fixed invalid token issue
  • Fixed file logging
  • Fixed dc with new content

Release v0.25
  • Updated for
  • Fixed Cult Staff (for real)
  • Fixed Multi Login with special characters

Release v0.24
  • Enabled MultiLogin

Release v0.23i
  • Updated for
  • Fixed DCs for teleport and portal full, etc

Release v0.23h
  • Updated for
  • Fixed a dc from ignoring certain debuffs
  • Temporarily disabled multilogin

Release v0.23g
  • Updated for
  • Fixed some settings getting reset
  • Fixed font on certain windows themes
  • Fixed dc on death

Release v0.23f
  • Updated for

Release v0.23e
  • Updated for

Release v0.23d
  • Improved Focus Boss on AutoAim

Release v0.23b
  • Fixed Cult Staff Reversal
  • Fixed AutoAim Target Prediction
  • Added Option for Lead Range

Release v0.23a
  • Properly Updated XML (fixes Autonexus issues)

Release v0.23
  • Improved AutoAim Prediction (accelerating shots)
  • Improved Settings Commands
  • Added AutoAim Boss Focus Mode
  • Added AutoAim Wall Ignore Mode
  • Added AutoAim Cultist Staff Support
  • Added HotKey for AutoNexus HP Reset

Release v0.22a
  • Fixed DC with auto ability
  • Fixed DC with drink MP after quiet

Release v0.22
  • Updated for
  • Disabled chat commands when using Stealth mode
  • Added Potion Autoloot and Autodrink back (if you encounter any issues, turn them off)

Release v0.21d
  • Improve startup reliability
  • Improve messages

Release v0.21c
  • Updated for
  • Added Steam compatibility to Multi Login
  • Removed locked player hiding (not possible for now)
  • Added /lefttomax command
  • General multilogin improvements

Release v0.21b
  • Fixed the AutoNexus Projectile (XML) issues in the previous build

Release v0.21a
  • Updated for
  • Improved /ip and /goto
  • Made AutoAim stop shooting when Unstabled

Release v0.21
  • Updated for
  • Fixed Settings getting reset
  • Fixed Crash on load
  • Added Description tooltips for all options
  • Disabled potion related options until next update

Release v0.20
  • Removed Fame Tools
  • Fixed Support ID being blank
  • Fixed Auto Ability Group Size setting
  • Improved Auto Ability Enemy Health setting
  • Improved Auto Ability for Scepters
  • Improved program reliability

Release v0.19c
  • Fixed error when closing program

Release v0.19b
  • Fixed DC with looting hp/mp potions

Release v0.19a
  • Updated for
  • Fixed Auto Ability Invincible/Invulnerable for real this time
  • Fixed Auto Ability DC when swapping items
  • Fixed Auto Ability range cap
  • Fixed replacing fame with client HP in stealth mode

Release v0.19
  • Updated to
  • Added Auto Aim
  • Added setting for auto pot drink delay
  • Fixed Auto Nexus hp vit + In Combat regeneration
  • Fixed Auto Nexus armored/curse modifiers
  • Fixed Auto Ability shooting at invincible targets
  • Fixed Ninja Auto Ability
  • Fixed DC when hatching pets
  • Possibly fixed startup connection issues

Release v0.18b
  • Fixed autonexus DC and hp pot drinking

Release v0.18a
  • Fixed major autonexus hp desync issues
  • Fixed Dammah ignoring
  • Added in game client options

Release v0.18
  • Fixed Petrify Immune bug

Release v0.17g
  • Updated for Exalt
  • Fixed Exalt launch issues (il2cpp error, Data folder error)
  • Fixed resetting launcher path (hold alt and click launch)
  • Minor UI changes
  • Added autoloot options for eggs

Release v0.17f
  • Fixed Oryx Chamber DC
  • Added Wine Cellar to map hack

Release v0.17e
  • Updated for Exalt
  • Fixed bug with drinking potions out of bags
  • Fixed editing account in multi login
  • Fixed log issue with url too long
  • Added Oryx Chamber to map hack

Release v0.17d
  • Removed IP copy for a later release (caused DC)

Release v0.17c
  • Fixed autonexus DC + potion drinking
  • Fixed potion storage quantities
  • Added copy server IP to clipboard option

Feature List

Optimized client experience for RotMG Exalt.
Experience all the essentials and much more with our client!

  • Auto Nexus Advanced Prediction
  • Auto Ability Healing, Buffing, DPSing
  • Auto Aim Higher Accuracy
  • Auto Loot Fastest Possible
  • Anti Debuffs Block Any Debuff
  • Anti Lag Avoid DCs
  • Safe Walk #COVID-19
  • Quick Teleport Teleport To Quest
  • Much More! Always Free

Proxy Server:

Connect to ~Proxy Server~ to enable features!
The proxy will connect you to the real RotMG server.

Exalt MultiLogin

Log into multiple accounts and manage mules for RotMG Exalt.
One-Click login to an unlimited amount of accounts!

  • One-Click Login Like Muledump
  • Multiple Accounts No Limit
  • Saved Logins Local Only
  • Label Your Accounts Hide Your Password

Setup Instructions

  1. Run the MultiTool as Administrator
  2. Select server you wish to play on in MultiTool
  3. Run RotMG Exalt as Administrator
  4. Connect to the ~Proxy Server~ in-game and enjoy!

Account Safety

➜ Only download from
The software available for download on this page is hand made by RealmStock.
We want to provide accessibility to the gaming community despite the poorly optimized official client.
This tool will always updated with love for FREE, but with no warranties.

➜ Risks to your account
The MultiTool is third party software and thus not officially approved by the game developers.
The game developers can choose to ban players using this software at their discretion.

➜ Data sharing and security
Errors are reported anonymously.
Settings are stored locally.
MultiLogin account credentials are stored locally in plain text.

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