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    RealmStock Support

    Questions and Support

    Available from 11AM to 11PM PDT

    We respond to customer messages throughout the day and if you contact us outside of our online period you will be the first to be contacted in the morning.
    We can help with any issues or questions!

    Instant Automated Delivery 24/7

    Our orders are automatically sent out around the clock if there is no manual review needed. If you don't receive your items within 10 minutes of ordering, let us know!

    Selling accounts to us

    We do not buy accounts, sorry. The accounts we sell are made by us. They are the only ones we deem safe enough to then re-sell.

    Sell us your unused Giftcards

    We accept Amazon, Target, Walmart, Steam, Battle.net, and Subway giftcards for 100% in store credit. We also accept OSRS GP! Have a card that works here? Let us know!
    Send us your giftcard code(s) and we will send you a RealmStock Store Credit code that will not expire. It can be used with other giftcards or payment methods. It can be reused until the balance reaches $0.0.

    Amazon Giftcards Target Giftcards Walmart Giftcards Steam Giftcards BattleNet Giftcards Google Play Giftcards Subway Giftcards OSRS GP

    * Giftcards must be for U.S. markets except for Steam cards which can be from any region.

    Contact Us

    Please fill out your information below and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

      To Trade In a Giftcard:
    Send the TYPE of giftcard, the CODE, and the PIN if applicable. It can take up to

    24 hours

    to get your credit.