Collection: Potions

Buy Potions for Realm of the Mad God.
Max your character quicker withย our potions delivered right to you.
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Instant Custom Maxing

Instantly max any character based on the potions entered below.
Your potions will be traded directly to you in the Nexus.

โžœ Switch to Seasonal Potions
โžœ Switch to Normal Potions
Greater Potion of Life
Greater Potion of Mana
Greater Potion of Attack
Greater Potion of Defense
Greater Potion of Dexterity
Greater Potion of Speed
Greater Potion of Vitality
Greater Potion of Wisdom


Archer Pro Set
Assassin Pro Set
Bard Pro Set
Huntress Pro Set
Kensei Pro Set
Knight Pro Set
Mystic Pro Set
Necromancer Pro Set
Ninja Pro Set
Paladin Pro Set
Priest Pro Set
Rogue Pro Set
Samurai Pro Set
Sorcerer Pro Set
Summoner Pro Set
Trickster Pro Set
Warrior Pro Set
Wizard Pro Set
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