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    RotMG Pet Guide

    RotMG Pet Guide

    Realm of the Mad God Pet Guide

    Pet Overview

    Pets are an integral part of the Realm of the Mad God experience. They aid you in battle and bring your character to its maximum potential. The most important abilities in a pet are Heal and Magic Heal, at max level they are equivalent to having hundreds of Vitality and Wisdom. For a third ability, Electric is highly recommended as it will paralyze enemies in place that are close to you. You max pet abilities through feeding your pet, and when maxed you can fuse two pets of the same family and tier to upgrade your pet to the next tier.


    Pet ability hatching

    Different Pet Families have different chances of their first ability, and the last two abilities are evenly weighted. Humanoid family is one of the best for hatching Heal and Magic Heal. Every Family can have Heal first at least. Here you can buy eggs ready for hatching. You can hatch higher tiers like rare here to skip the common and uncommon tiers of hatching.


    Hatch until you have perfect abilities

    If you do not have a pet that is Heal and Magic Heal as their first two abilities (any order is fine but if you have to choose go for Heal first), and Electric as its third, you should keep hatching eggs until you get one. If you have just Heal and Magic Heal, you can keep it temporarily as the last abilities aren't unlocked immediately. The third ability is only unlocked when your pet reaches higher tiers.


    Feed your pet using high feed power items

    To be efficient with your fame/gold usage when feeding your pet, you should try to feed your pets with the highest feed power items you have available to you, as the cost to feed a pet is based solely on the tier of your pet. Here we have the highest tradable feed power items readily available for feeding. Book of Gebs are recommend as they have 800 feed power.


    Only fuse your pet when at least the first ability is maxed

    When you feed your pet enough, its abilities will reach a max level based on the tier of the pet. When you fuse two pets, the pet on the left in the fusing window will keep its abilities. The maximum level the abilities can reach is based on whether or not both first abilities were maxed on the previous pets. Always make sure they are maxed first before you fuse, otherwise your pet will permanently have a lower than maximum cap and the pet will be ruined. You can max the second ability as well to have a bit of cheaper pet feeding.

    RotMG Tips and Tricks

    RotMG Tips and Tricks

    Realm of the Mad God Guide

    Welcome to our Realm of the Mad God guide. We start with the basics.

    RotMG Tips & Tricks

    • Download the RealmStock Multitool to enhance your Realm of the Mad God experience.
    • Look at the in game settings and change them to your liking, for example some players use F to Nexus because it's closer to your WASD movement keys. 
    • Use 'Toggle Centering of Player' function to see further when you are at edge of screen.
    • Survival is more important than loot, getting no loot and not dying, is better than looting a bag in a dangerous area and dying. Always better to play safe.
    • Be prepared to die. It will happen and that's the end of your character. Our Multitool has Autonexus that will prevent most deaths, but it still can happen with enough lag.
    • When you see a non-brown bag dropped from a monster you killed, do not rush for it. This bag can be only seen by you and it is soulbound. Nobody can pickup this bag but you so there is no rush. Take your time and play it safe. When the coast is clear, then you go for the bag.
    • Use the RealmStock Event Notifier to be alerted of random special events around the different servers and realms. These events drop very rare but very powerful untradable UT items, like Helm of the Juggernaut for example.
    • Follow our Pet Guide to ensure the pet you are levelling is raised properly without being permanently messed up by early fuses.
    • Use the RealmStock Potions and Maxing service instead of grinding potions manually.
    • Use our RotMG Class Sets to gear your character right away and be ready for end-game content.
    • Have fun!

    RotMG Character Stats

    RotMG Character Stats

    Realm of the Mad God Character Stats Guide

    In RotMG there are 8 stats that affect your character. Each class has a different maximum that their stats can reach. Knight for example can reach 40 defense while most others cap at 25 defense. Using a stat potion will increase your stats based on its type. Potions are found throughout a lot of content, mostly from dungeons and events. Sprite World is great for farming dexterity potions for example. You can also get every potion here instantly.

    HP (Hit Points)
    Your health. When it reaches below 0, you die.
    When you have only 20% of your health and less, your character starts to blink red and you should drink some health potions or nexus before you take any further damage.

    MP (Magic/Mana Points)
    Your magic. This is expended to use abilities. Usage depends on what class and ability item tier you are using.

    ATT (Attack)
    Increases the amount of damage done by weapons. Attack does not affect ability damage.
    Damage Multiplier if Weak = 0.5 Damage Multiplier normal = 0.5 + ATT / 50 = (ATT + 25) / 50 Damage Multiplier with Damaging = Normal * 1.25
    Damage = Random(MinDamage, MaxDamage) * Damage Multiplier
    Starting with a base of 50% of weapon damage at 0 ATT, each point increases damage by 2% of weapon damage. Examples:
    10 ATT Priest with a Fire Wand (30-55 DMG) = 21-38 DMG
    83 ATT Warrior with a Sword of Acclaim (220-275 DMG) = 475-594 DMG
    Note: In game, the highest weapon base damage value is actually never rolled. Thus the effective weapon base damage range always is one less than stated in the weapon description. For example, the effective weapon base damage range of the Fire Wand (originally 30-55 DMG) is 30-54 DMG. Taking this into account, the previous two examples would change as follows:
    10 ATT Priest with a Fire Wand (30-54 DMG) = 21-37 DMG
    83 ATT Warrior with a Sword of Acclaim (220-274 DMG) = 475-591 DMG

    DEF (Defense)
    Decreases the amount of damage taken.
    Straight 1 point per 1 damage reduction, but caps at 90% of total damage. This means that every shot will do at least 10% of its damage to the player. Example:
    60 DMG Attack against 20 DEF = 40 DMG
    60 DMG Attack against 54 or higher DEF = 6 DMG

    SPD (Speed)
    Increases the speed at which the character moves. Base (0) is 4 tiles per second, then each point adds about 0.07467 tiles per second.
    Actual speed in T/s (tiles per second) = 4 + 5.6 * (SPD / 75) = 5.6 * (SPD + 53.5) / 75
    50 SPD: 7.733 T/s
    75 SPD: 9.6 T/s
    T/s while Speedy: Normal * 1.5 (75 SPD with Speedy means 14.4 T/s movement speed)

    DEX (Dexterity)
    Increases the speed at which the character attacks. Base (0) is 1.5 attacks per second, then each point adds about 0.0867 attacks per second.
    A/s (attacks per second) = 1.5 + 6.5 * (DEX / 75) = 6.5 * (DEX + 17.3) / 75
    50 DEX: 5.833 A/s (350 per minute)
    75 DEX: 8 A/s (480 per minute)
    A/s while Berserk: Normal * 1.25 

    VIT (Vitality)
    Increases the speed at which hit points are recovered. Base (0) is 1.0 HP per second, then each point adds about 0.24 HP per second.
    HP/s (hp per second) = 1 + 0.24 * VIT = 0.24 * (VIT + 8.3)
    40 VIT: 10.6 HP/s
    75 VIT: 19 HP/s
    HP/s while Healing: Normal + 20 (75 VIT with Healing means 39 HP/s)

    WIS (Wisdom)
    Increases the speed at which magic points are recovered. Base (0) is 0.5 MP per second, then each point adds about 0.12 MP per second.
    MP/s (mp per second) = 0.5 + 0.12 * WIS = 0.12 * (WIS + 8.3)
    50 WIS: 6.5 MP/s
    75 WIS: 9.5 MP/s
    Some abilities gain an increase in power if Wisdom exceeds 50 (30 for Warriors); this is called WisMod. A high Wisdom stat increases the intensity, range, and duration of Priest Tomes, Paladin Seals, and Mystic Orbs, the radius and damage of Necromancer Skulls, the number of targets and damage of Sorcerer Scepters, and the radius and duration of Warrior Helms. Some attributes improve with every point of Wisdom, typically damage and radius. Other attributes only improve every ten points of Wisdom over the threshold, such as the duration of applied status effects. Certain untiered items may have smaller or larger increments of Wisdom required to improve an attribute.

    For example: A Priest with 75 Wisdom using a tiered tome will see an improvement of 2.5 tiles to their tome’s radius, 2 seconds to the duration of the applied healing status effect, and an additional 60hp healed. If the Priest equips an item to improve their Wisdom to 80, the radius will increase to 3 tiles, the healing duration to 3 seconds, and their tome will heal an additional 90hp.
    Potion of Life: will increase your maximum HP by 5 points
    Potion of Mana: will increase your maximum MP bar by 5 points
    Potion of Attack: will increase character ATT skill by 1 point
    Potion of Defense: will increase character DEF skill by 1 point
    Potion of Speed: will increase character SPD skill by 1 point
    Potion of Dexterity: will increase character DEX skill by 1 point
    Potion of Vitality: will increase character VIT skill by 1 point
    Potion of Wisdom: will increase character WIS skill by 1 point
    Greater Potions will increase stats by double their respective normal versions.
    Information sourced from RealmEye

    RotMG Quick Leveling Guide

    RotMG Quick Leveling Guide

    Leveling Guide

    How to level-up quick in Realm of the Mad God

    How to Level Quickly

    Arguably the most crushing feeling you get in this game is the one when you die, losing a character maxed in a couple of stats, along with the equipment he was wearing. But a close second is the one you get right after, when you realize you have to make the long trek up to level 20 once more. This guide is intended to decrease the time it takes you to get there by teaching you some fast and fun ways to get experience at different stages of the journey.

    Buying the items you may want for your class early will make your leveling experience quicker. Find your class on our store here to take advantage of our cheap items.

    Once you hit 20 you can skip the grind by maxing your character instantly with our Potions and Maxing Service.

    The Fast and Dangerous Way
    One option that will get you to level 20 relatively quick is to follow a train. Trains are large groups of players attacking every enemy they run across. Every enemy killed gives everyone nearby as much as 10% of total Exp for next level. However, gods are known to be deadly, particularly to low level characters. 

    Prepare for Death
    Dying is slightly less awful if you get your affairs in order. While you’re enjoying playing a semi-maxed character running around killing gods and event bosses, decide what class you’re going to be next time (even if it’s the same one). While you’re adventuring watch for that class’s equipment and store some in your Vault.

    Level Up Solo
    If you feel confident in your skills, you can opt to level up your character alone. If your equipment is adequate (weapon at least tier 8, armor tier 9, ring is discretionary but HP or DEF ring is ideal for survivability), you should be able to hold your own against most of the smaller enemies.

    Find a Group
    Adventuring by yourself can be very frustrating at low levels, particularly if you are poorly equipped. You might be looking to team up with other players. There are a couple of benefits to adventuring in a group. Characters gain no less experience from hunting enemies in a group as opposed to doing it alone. It’s also safer since you’ll defeat monsters quicker and have the use of each others’ abilities. Having help from powerful or maxed characters is a mutual benefit; lower level characters will benefit from quickly reaching the max level, while maxed characters are eligible for the Team Player and Leader of Men fame bonuses should their kills cause 101 and 1001 players, respectively, near them to level up.

    Follow the Enemies
    The worst part of leveling up is wandering around LOOKING for decent EXP monsters to fight. Thankfully there are certain ‘leader’ enemies, who are followed around by similar types of monsters.

    Head for the Quests
    Quests are a great way to level up; they give good exp and can provide a fun challenge. Quest monsters have their experience gains capped at 50% of a player’s current experience bar. For example, an ent ancient (EXP 500) will give a level seven (EXP bar 650) 325 exp.

    Use the Dungeons
    Dungeons can be a terrific source of experience and are quite entertaining to run through if you’re at an appropriate level.

    Once you Reach Level 20
    After you’ve made it to level 20, you can start maxing your character.

    RealmStock provides instant maxing services for any character, regardless of stats. Once you're 20, you can get maxed right away without wasting any time or extra potions.

    RotMG Maxing Guide

    RotMG Maxing Guide

    RotMG Maxing Guide

    How To Get Max Stats In Realm of the Mad God

    Maxing Stats

    When a character reaches level 20, the next step is to start maxing out its eight stats to aid in survival and dealing damage. This page is a guide to how Stat Increase Potions can be acquired. (Get them from our store if you don't have the time!)

    Stat Increase Potions each increase your stat by 1 with the exception of Life and Mana, which increase by 5. This page explains how your stats affect your character.

    How to max

    There are multiple methods of maxing a character. Note that all can be simplified by buying potions directly at RealmStock. That's the easiest way to get potions in RotMG. With RealmStock you can max any character instantly, regardless of stats.

    If you want to be safe and not risk the death of your main character dying, make a secondary account (or purchase another character slot) and use it to obtain potions and equipment for your main character. As the secondary account will remain unmaxed, there is very little loss involved upon death besides the equipment. Thus, the process can be easily repeated until you are maxed.

    Godlands farming is relatively safe, but yields low rewards given the fairly low drop rate of potions. ATT, DEF, and SPD can all be acquired this way, but not reliably.

    Dungeon farming can be more dangerous, but is more reliable given that most bosses have a 100% drop rate of a particular potion; the trick is getting enough damage in. Sprite Worlds give DEX mainly and DEF at a low rate (and ATT, thanks to the Native Sprite Gods), Snake Pits give SPD, and Undead Lairs give WIS; all can be found and soloed fairly easily.

    Other dungeons yield multiple potion drops such as the Magic Woods for DEX and SPD, Cursed Library, for VIT and WIS, and Abyss of Demons for VIT and DEF, but are usually more difficult. Selling these potions for other potions you need to max is a well-used strategy.

    Maxing order

    The question of what order to max in is common, and rightly so, as it is very important for survival! There is no correct order for maxing, and it varies by class.

    • Dexterity is easy to get given the common and easy nature of the Sprite World and Magic Woods. This stat helps with DPS, and should be maxed early on. This may be more difficult for certain classes with higher caps.
    • Speed drops in Snake Pits and Haunted Cemeteries. The former drops commonly within the godlands, dropped by Medusa, while the latter is rarely found inside the godlands, dropped by Headless Horseman. This stat is crucial for dodging bullets in tougher dungeons.
    • Wisdom is easily farmable in Undead Lairs, Cursed Libraries, and Mad Labs, but may take some time depending on the class’s cap.
    • Defense is the most crucial stat. It is commonly found in Toxic Sewers, Abyss of Demons, Mad Lab, and occasionally in other areas.
    • Vitality can be acquired in the Abyss of Demons. The dungeon is very difficult for certain classes. Alternatively, one can run Cursed Libraries since both bosses drop Vitality and is much faster to run.
    • Attack is infamously difficult to acquire. The Manor of the Immortals and the Puppet Master’s Theatre drop it consistently, but the Kage Kami that drop the former only appear a few times per realm, and the latter is a rare drop and difficult, but yields more from good treasure room spawn rates. Native Sprite Gods in the Sprite Worlds, and White Demons of the Abyss may make the stat easier to max.
    • Mana and Life tend to max over a long period of time, giving their difficulty to acquire. Selling spare equipment and potions for often expensive life and mana is a good strategy, especially for those who don’t want to run Tombs or Trenches to get the potions themselves. The Parasite Chambers is a great source of mana potions, and while it is dangerous, Oryx’s Sanctuary can net players large amounts of Life and Mana Potions if you are able to survive the Sanctuary and defeat its bosses.


    The above list is in order how how easy these potions are to get (and thus how common they are). One of the more popular orders in which to max stats is:
    (These can be maxed at the same time or in any order).
    All of these stats can be maxed instantly, it's your choice. Our maxing service can make your life easier by removing the grind for potions.
    Information sourced from RealmEye.