RotMG Quick Leveling Guide

RotMG Quick Leveling Guide

How to Level Quickly

Arguably the most crushing feeling you get in this game is the one when you die, losing a character maxed in a couple of stats, along with the equipment he was wearing. But a close second is the one you get right after, when you realize you have to make the long trek up to level 20 once more. This guide is intended to decrease the time it takes you to get there by teaching you some fast and fun ways to get experience at different stages of the journey.

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Once you hit 20 you can skip the grind by maxing your character instantly with our Potions and Maxing Service.


The Fast and Dangerous Way

One option that will get you to level 20 relatively quick is to follow a train. Trains are large groups of players attacking every enemy they run across. Every enemy killed gives everyone nearby as much as 10% of total Exp for next level. However, gods are known to be deadly, particularly to low level characters.


Prepare for Death

Dying is slightly less awful if you get your affairs in order. While you’re enjoying playing a semi-maxed character running around killing gods and event bosses, decide what class you’re going to be next time (even if it’s the same one). While you’re adventuring watch for that class’s equipment and store some in your Vault.


Level Up Solo

If you feel confident in your skills, you can opt to level up your character alone. If your equipment is adequate (weapon at least tier 8, armor tier 9, ring is discretionary but HP or DEF ring is ideal for survivability), you should be able to hold your own against most of the smaller enemies.


Find a Group

Adventuring by yourself can be very frustrating at low levels, particularly if you are poorly equipped. You might be looking to team up with other players. There are a couple of benefits to adventuring in a group. Characters gain no less experience from hunting enemies in a group as opposed to doing it alone. It’s also safer since you’ll defeat monsters quicker and have the use of each others’ abilities. Having help from powerful or maxed characters is a mutual benefit; lower level characters will benefit from quickly reaching the max level, while maxed characters are eligible for the Team Player and Leader of Men fame bonuses should their kills cause 101 and 1001 players, respectively, near them to level up.


Follow the Enemies

The worst part of leveling up is wandering around LOOKING for decent EXP monsters to fight. Thankfully there are certain ‘leader’ enemies, who are followed around by similar types of monsters.


Head for the Quests

Quests are a great way to level up; they give good exp and can provide a fun challenge. Quest monsters have their experience gains capped at 50% of a player’s current experience bar. For example, an ent ancient (EXP 500) will give a level seven (EXP bar 650) 325 exp.


Use the Dungeons

Dungeons can be a terrific source of experience and are quite entertaining to run through if you’re at an appropriate level.


Once you Reach Level 20

After you’ve made it to level 20, you can start maxing your character. RealmStock provides instant maxing services for any character, regardless of stats. Once you're 20, you can get maxed right away without wasting any time or extra potions.

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