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    RotMG Unity Exalt Information

    πŸ™Œ RotMG Unity Exalt

    What is RotMG Exalt?

    Realm of the Mad God Exalt is the official re-make and re-release of the game client.

    What is RotMG Unity?

    RotMG Unity refers to the new game engine that Exalt is made with. The Unity Engine is very powerful in comparison to Flash Player - and it promises to bring big improvements to the RotMG gameplay experience.

    What are the advantages of Unity?

    Thanks to the Unity Engine, RotMG will now be able to take advantage of your computer's full power! This should greatly reduce lag and rubberbanding for most players.
    Along with the stability enhancements, the Exalt release allows you to play the game in Full Screen and improved graphics. These changes are only the beginning of the advantages the Unity Engine can allow.

    Can I still play using Flash Player?

    Access to the flash player version of the game (and our 059 Client) will remain online for the forseeable future. DECA plans to phase out access to the flash client eventually, but not after rigorous testing of Unity Exalt with the full playerbase. For now, Exalt is only available on Mac and Windows.

    πŸ‘‘ RealmStock & Exalt

    Is RealmStock affected by the Exalt release?

    We are happy to be expanding our services and availability of items and accounts to all current and new players! Delivery and availability will be better than ever.

    Do my items transfer to Unity Exalt?

    Your items, characters, and entire account are exactly the same on both versions of the game and always will be. Feel free to hop back and forth between the two versions!

    Is it possible to mod or cheat on Exalt?

    Game mods, cheats, and other enhancements are always possible and that is no exception for the new RotMG release. The game will have enhanced security, but that is merely in comparison to Flash Player, which is a very vulnerable platform. We will be offering our own suite of mods for the game.

    How can I download RotMG Unity Exalt Hacks or Cheats?

    We have been very proud to offer the 059 Hacked Flash Client for many years now and are pleased to announce that we will be continuing the legacy of game improvements and cheats for RotMG Unity Exalt.

    ➀ Click here to visit our Exalt Hacks & Cheats downloads!

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