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    Mystery PacksMystery Packs

    How they work

    • Each pack comes with 8 random items from the same tier, unless you win the EPIC PRIZE
    • Each pack has a 5% chance to give you the EPIC PRIZE for that tier
    • Every item in the prize pool of each pack has an equal chance of being drawn
    • Each Gold Tier item has a 1/48 chance, each Silver Tier item has a 1/16 chance, and each Bronze Tier item has a 1/56 chance
    8x Gold Mystery Pack
    8x Silver Mystery Pack
    8x Bronze Mystery Pack

    Accepted Payment Methods

    PayPal Credit/Debit Cards Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Litecoin Etherium Amazon Giftcards Target Giftcards Walmart Giftcards Steam Giftcards BattleNet Giftcards Apple Giftcards iTunes Giftcards CS:GO Items & Keys OldSchool RuneScape GP

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