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    RotMG Unity Exalt Hacks & Cheats Downloads
    RealmStock Multi-Tool
    Proxy & Multi-Login for Exalt by 059 & Kronks [Windows Only]
    Coming Soon
    • DPS Tracker
    • Map Hack
    • Teleport Tools Hotkeys
    • Safe Walk Hotkeys
    Release v0.5
    • Fixed Dungeon DC Bug
    • Added Error Reporting
    • Added Ally Hider/Shrinker (Anti Lag)
    • Added Ally Pet Hider (Anti Lag)
    • Improved UI

    Release v0.4b
    • Fixed a rare AutoLoot DC bug

    Release v0.4a
    • Added Accuracy Farm mode
    • Fixed vit regen with Auto Nexus
    • Fixed compatibility with some users' certain languages
    • Fixed DC when unlocking skins

    Release v0.4
    • Added Effect Blocking Menu (Anti Lag)
    • Added Anti AFK
    • Added 059 Auto Nexus (from 059 client)
    • Added Bard Support
    • Improved UI & Messages
    • Removed Auto Realm Join

    ⬇️ Download Here ←

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    RotMG Exalt Proxy Hacks

    → Included in the RealmStock Multi-Tool.

    Want the Hacked Client experience for RotMG Exalt?
    Experience all the essentials and much more with our fully featured proxy hacks! The spiritual successor to the 059 Client for Flash.


    • Auto Nexus Advanced Prediction
    • Auto Ability Healing, Buffing, DPSing
    • Auto Aim Higher Accuracy
    • Auto Loot Fastest Possible
    • Anti Debuffs Block Any Debuff
    • Anti Lag Avoid DCs
    • Safe Walk #COVID-19
    • Quick Teleport Teleport To Quest
    • Much More! Always Free


    1. Open RotMG Exalt to the Main Menu.
    2. Run the Multi-Tool as Administrator
    3. Wait for Proxy Confirmation Popup
    4. Select your desired server to play on in the Multi-Tool
    5. Connect to the server in-game and enjoy!

    RotMG Exalt Multi-Login

    → Included in the RealmStock Multi-Tool.

    Need to log into multiple accounts at once on the same computer on the new Exalt client?
    We've got you covered! Using our tool, you can One-Click login to an unlimited amount of accounts.


    • One-Click Login Like Muledump
    • Multiple Accounts No Limit
    • Saved Logins Local Only


    1. Run the Multi-Tool as Administrator
    2. Click Multi-Login
    3. Add your desired RotMG account to the Accounts List
    4. Select the account you want to log into - then press the Login button
    5. Do this for as many accounts as you wish!

    Account Safety


    The software available for download on this page is hand made by RealmStock.
    RealmStock guarantees the safety of your RotMG account credentials while using this software.

    About The Program:

    • Made with C# .NET 4.7.2
    • Settings stored locally
    • Errors are reported anonymously
    • Always FREE

    Don't download untrusted or obfuscated RotMG hacks.
    There is a risk of unauthorized access to your computer or accounts.

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    With ❤️ by 059 and Kronks