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Pharaoh's Requiem

Pharaoh's Requiem

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Instant Delivery of Pharaoh's Requiem
This is for Standard Characters
An unusually crafted lute with an ancient style of construction, meant to produce soothing sounds of deep sleep and keep wrathful gods dormant.
Pharaoh's Wrath:
Summons a Pharaoh's mask on the cursors location that inflicts Weak for 3 secs within 3 sqrs every 1 sec
Pharaoh's Ward:
Upon taking at least 50 damage, protects you with Armored on Self for 3 secs. Inflicts Weak on enemies for 5 secs within 5 sqrs
Pharaoh's Ward Cooldown:
15 seconds
Party Effect:
Within 4.5 sqrs Inspired for 4 seconds
On Equip:
+4 DEF
+4 VIT
MP Cost: 120
XP Bonus: 7%
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