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Priest Top Set

Priest Top Set

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  • Instant Delivery of Priest Top Set.
  • A powerful set with 4 items total.
  • This is for non-seasonal characters only!

Cut from a fallen star, a deep purple emanating an unearthly glow, hinting at the power fused within.
On Equip:
+190 Max HP
XP Bonus: 5%

Wizard, Priest, Necromancer, Mystic, Sorcerer, Bard, Summoner
A bloodweft robe adorned with rubies and firegarnets, worn by an ancient sect of masterful wizards.
On Equip:
+55 Max MP
+4 ATT
+13 DEF
+6 WIS
XP Bonus: 6%
A tome of blessing, gifted by the gods for the benefit of all good mortals.
On Equip:
+6 VIT
+20 Max HP
+20 Max MP
MP Cost: 120
XP Bonus: 6%

Priest, Sorcerer, Summoner
A great golden wand of the heavens, created by angels to wreak justice on the slayers of the innocent.
Range: 9
Shots hit multiple targets
XP Bonus: 6%
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