RotMG Shop: 1x Lethargic Sentience

1x Lethargic Sentience

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Created by a lonely Sorcerer. This sentient eye doesn’t make a very good friend. It does, however, make fruit.

Tier: Untiered (Limited) 
Shots: 4 
Damage: 20-40 (Average: 30) 
Projectile Speed: 1.25 
Range: 3.8 
Rate of Fire: 25% 
Effect: Passes through obstacles. 
Feed Power: 145

This item is only obtainable by crafting during the 2014 Steam Summer Sale or by trading with other players, meaning no enemies drop it in-game. The firing pattern of this wand is identical to that of the Wand of the Bulwark. If the weapon is fired by a character with 31 Dexterity, one will be able to have 3 shots going on at the same time, and at the exact moment the first shot ends, the fourth one is fired.